BOLDtext is a playwright’s collective and isn’t looking for any new members.

We have been delighted to work with the following people in BOLDtext productions since 2014.  For more information, please click on individual names.

We are always interested in meeting new directors, actors, design and technical people. You can contact us at: 


Ola AnimashawunAli Belbin , Milli BhatiaJanice Connolly , Jessica DromgooleBob Eaton, Mark Evans, Caroline Frewin, Stephen JacksonJon LeggVanessa Oakes, Clare Smout, Janet Steel Peter Leslie Wild, Jean Wilde, Caroline Wilkes, Alan Caig Wilson, Julia Wright


Murray Andrews, Ashleigh AstonJeff AlexanderJames AllanAndy Alsop, Shannon AnthonyAimee Berwick Christine Bland, Michael Bott, Mark CareyTherese Collins, Sean Connolly, Phoebe CresswellDavid Edgar, Miriam Edwards, Lily Eliza, Connor Fox, Caroline FrewinSarah Gain, James GitshamDan Hagley, Christopher HampsonMarcus Hendry, Greg HobbsDaniel Hoffman-Gill, Chara Jackson, Vimal KorpalNadia Kemp-Sayfi , Oli Leonard,  Jim LowMatt Ludlam, Janice McKenzie, Charlotte Martin, Caroline Nash, David NicolleBen Norris, Bharti PatelRachael Louise Pickard, Vicky Piper, Lucy Poulson, Aimee Powell, Rochi RampalJack RichardsonSonia RitterAdrian Ross-Jones, Jade SamuelsLaurence Saunders, Dru StephensonJenny Stokes, Rich Stokes, Janette Summerfield, Sam SwannAmanda Vincent-PerkinsKieran VyasNick WilkesBecky Wright


Richard Constable (Stage Manager), Chris Booth (Percussion), Geddes Cureton (Keyboards & Musical Director), Jonathan Girling (Composer), Duncan Grimley (Sound Artist), Milly Jackson (Art & Design), Bob ‘The Bass’ Jacombs (Guitarist), Heather Matuozzo (Stage Manager), Anna Newman (Musician), Charli Nolan (Singer-songwriter), Rob Peters (Musician), Peter Readman (Sound Designer), Emma Skipp (Vocalist),  Nancy Surman (Costume & Props Designer), Mark Webb (Guitarist), Daz Yardley (Music consultant)