See you in 2019 for ‘The Sentence’

It’s been quite a year for BOLDtext Playwrights with our first ever site-specific show Behind Bars: Ghosts of the Lock-Up selling out this autumn. Thank you to everyone who came and gave their support.

Our fascination with crime and punishment continues with The Sentence, three new hard-hitting short plays from some of region’s foremost writers – Liz John, Vanessa Oakes and Julia Wright on Monday 28th January 2019 @ The REP.

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Cold Cuts

by Nicola Jones

As a teenager living in a small, but perfectly formed, rural market town, I remember complaining to an American tourist that ‘you can’t live on beauty.’  She was on a whistle-stop tour of historic Britain and had been waxing lyrical about my lovely home town. And she was right to. There was no denying that the place was indeed ‘quaint’ with it’s cobbled streets, medieval buildings, and ancient castle. But as far as my teenage self was concerned (and all the other stroppy teenagers were as one on this), ‘real’ life – as in exciting, pulsating, vibrant ‘real’ life –  was happening somewhere else.  Somewhere far away. Somewhere completely and utterly out of our reach.   Continue reading