Too many crumbs

When we started discussing Power of Invention, I knew I wanted to write a female character but as the Lunar Society didn’t allow women to join, or even take part in their meetings, I knew it was probably going to be a tough call. I then read about 18th century scientist LADY CATHERINE WRIGHT who’dContinue reading “Too many crumbs”

Playwright in need of a break

My career as a playwright has not been textbook – there have been no award ceremonies, commissions from prestigious venues, publications and/or much financial reward (so far).  It took a nudge from Alan Sillitoe* to convince me to commit to a full-time life as a playwright. We had a cup of tea together before I chairedContinue reading “Playwright in need of a break”

All in the mind

Jigsaw puzzles often have lots of sky… and trees… and buildings with the same colour bricks. It becomes an exercise of concentration to notice a faint fleck on one piece that otherwise appears the same as twenty others. There’s a lesson in that, mind the detail. It’s all in the detail. Part of the attractionContinue reading “All in the mind”

Walking through the hedge

With so many of my projects paused in 2020 my daily dog walks have increased in frequency and length, often requiring me to pack a pair of secateurs to cut through various overgrown public footpaths. One particularly dense Hawthorn hedge near Astley Lodge Farm brought to mind Andy Goldsworthy’s actions and words in his beautifulContinue reading “Walking through the hedge”