Writing the future

I’m not one for New Year resolutions. It’s mainly because I’m useless at keeping them and I hate the feeling of failure that has normally set in by the end of the January. This year was no different. The world, however, seemed to have other ideas…. As Big Ben rang in 2021, the UK departedContinue reading “Writing the future”

Not so dry January

I’m totally rubbish at New Year resolutions. I was one of those children who’d ask for a diary for Christmas and would have abandoned keeping a journal by the time we went back to school. I do, however, usually manage ‘dry January’ (or, as it’s known around our house, ‘almost dry January’) but, like aContinue reading “Not so dry January”

Goggle eyed

My New Year’s resolution is TV-related due to the many hours I’ve spent goggle-eyed in front of the box recently.  In fact, over the 43 weeks since the first lockdown, I’ve probably watched upwards of 1,500 hours of television. That’s an incredible 62 days!  For two whole months, I have squirmed around on my lumpyContinue reading “Goggle eyed”