After its DOUBLED UP  reading at The REP last year, BOLDtext’s Vanessa Oakes is previewing her new play ALL IS WELL in Coventry and Birmingham this May.

aleks told me that you can smell fear… people sweat it out bit by bit and then other people smell the fear and they start to sweat… and so the fear spreads… person to person…

ALL IS WELL is at times poetic, funny and devastatingly fierce in its appraisal of the true cost of nuclear power.

Thur 4, Fri 5 & Sat 6 May 7.30 pm (6 May also 2.30 pm)
Tickets £8 (£6)
Shop Front Theatre, Coventry, CV1 3HW

Fri 12 & Sat 13 May  7.30 pm
Tickets £10 (£8)
Midland Arts Centre Foyle Studio, Birmingham, B12 9QH

Age 12+

Plus post-show talks on Thur 4 & Fri 12 May

A stunning evocation of the long term aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, ALL IS WELL tells the story of Aleks, Stefan and Nina as they struggle to trust one another again while living with the fear of the invisible radiation.

On Radunitsa, the day of remembrance for the dead, the forest is once again filled with people as they return to visit their family graves. But Anna and Blackbird have other ideas to keep the day trippers and tourists away for good.

Written by Vanessa Oakes
Directed by Mark Evans
Designed by Nancy Surman
Puppetry by Joff Chafer

ALL IS WELL is supported by The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry University Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and using public funds from The National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Roller Diner @ Soho Theatre

Roller Diner @ Soho Theatre

Our very own Stephen Jackson’s fabulous musical extravaganza, Roller Diner,  opens at London’s Soho Theatre on Friday 26th May until Sat 24th June.  Steve showcased this play at a BOLDtext event at The Rep back in 2014, and it went on to win the Verity Bargate Award. We can’t wait for Steve’s unique perspective on life to hit the London stage!  He’s such a talent and we’re very proud.

Home of the full English Brexit

Welcome to Eddie Costello’s Roller Diner – a faded Brummie beacon of a deep fried American dream. The staff can’t skate and there’s a whiff of burnt sausages and disappointment.

So when new waitress Marika arrives from somewhere foreign looking for a slice of a better life, hearts are set alight in a fiery recipe of love, jealousy and murder.

A theatrical jukebox sizzling with songs, sexual tension and failed dreams… all served with extra ketchup.

Directed by Soho Theatre Artistic Director Steve Marmion, Roller Diner is the professional debut of Birmingham writer Stephen Jackson and the winner of Soho Theatre’s prestigious Verity Bargate Award for new writing.

A savage sweet musical comedy, it opens up the heart of middle England and the universal search for a place to call home.  Book via Soho Theatre.

Insatiable – January 9th

BoldText member Julia Wright writes:

A new year, a new show. As December was engulfed in a frenzy of preparations for Christmas, four BoldText writers were struggling to write about the politics of consumption while rushing towards the annual over-consumption of food and gift buying. But the next production was on January 9th when Christmas and New Year have become a distant memory, so what to write about? Continue reading

Here’s to 2017

First a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who made theatre with us, discussed with us, supported us and followed BOLDtext in this last momentous (not always in a good way) year.

We roared into 2016 on the back of Steve Jackson’s BOLDtext-developed Roller Diner winning the Verity Bargate award.  And after the February group show Leap solved all your relationship problems… ahem… we followed up with a stonking Doubled Up – our ‘two-plays on one night’ slot.  Tim Stimpson aired his vibrant, imaginative Three Wheels on the Wagon complete with original music.  And after its Doubled Up reading, Vanessa Oakes’ full length play All is Well now has funding for a full touring production in May 2017.  Congratulations Vanessa!

Things got serious with our timely Eurotrashed EU referendum show.  And that’s when we heard the first cries of:

‘It was great but the after-show discussion was too short.’

‘What?! Nobody ever says that?!’  We shouted back, astonished.

‘The subject matter is so timely and we’re living through these events – we have more to say and more to ask, as we try to steer a course as active players in a democracy that often feels like it doesn’t represent us…,’ they hollered. (Okay, maybe not that last bit.)

So the gauntlet was thrown, our audiences were demanding fast, on-its-toes theatre, rooted in the West Midlands, reacting to often confusing times as they happen.  Our Autumn shows had to reflect this.  So we explored the challenges and squeezed resources of NHS mental health services with Disorder in Septemberand the world of prison reform with its radical problems and possible radical solutions in our November show, Behind Bars.  We stopped off on the way for charabanc trips to individual members’ plays, Sayan’s warm, hilarious My Big Fat Cowpat Wedding and Julia and Liz’s frenetically funny Calling for Help.  Of course along with the rest of the nation, we were all gripped by Tim’s award-winning Helen and Rob Titchener story on The Archers.  And there’s more:

Coming up, hot on the heels of 2016, our new show INSATIABLE – bring your unwanted Christmas pressies to The Rep on Monday 9th January 2017 at 8pm for what promises to be a great night compered by the wonderful Janice Connolly.

Book now on 0121 236 4455

We look forward to seeing you all in 2017.
Have a great Christmas and New Year –

From the BOLDtext writers
Liz, Steve, Helen, Nicola, Sayan, Vanessa, Julia + Tim



Come January, will you have an empty bank account, a tight waistband and a pile of unwanted Christmas presents cluttering up the house?

Then get down to The REP on Monday 9 January 8pm in The Door where BOLDtext’s Stephen Jackson, Liz John, Vanessa Oakes and Julia Wright will be exploring the politics of consumption and questioning why we all want so much more than we need.

Do bring along all your unwanted Christmas presents, as after the show we’ll be hosting an Unwanted Christmas Present Swap with any leftovers donated to local charity.

These script-in-hand new writing nights are very popular so please do reserve your ticket in advance.

It’s free to book then pay-what-you-can on the night (we will rattle a bucket at you on the way out).

CALL BOX OFFICE  0121 236 4455   Mon-Sat  10am-7pm

Or via this link  Birmingham Rep

You can follow BOLDtext Playwrights on Facebook, Twitter and at

Behind Bars

Behind Bars

On Thursday 24th November 2016 at 8pm, BOLDtext Playwrights are stirring things up again at The Door, Birmingham Rep with Behind Bars, three brand new short plays about Prison Reform from Liz John, Nicola Jones and Tim Stimpson, writer of Helen’s trial in The Archers.  The director is the BBC’s Jessica Dromgoole.

Does prison work?  Or is it a revolving door?

We lock up more offenders than any other Western European country, yet UK re-offending rates remain sky high – 60% in Birmingham for those serving sentences under 12 months.  And with under-staffing, over-crowding, spiralling rates of assault, self-harm and suicide, substance misuse and mental illness – what can our prison system realistically achieve?  What are the alternatives?

The plays will be followed by a debate:  Does Prison Work?  with panellists from both sides of the justice system.

Tickets are free but should be booked in advance at Birmingham Rep, then Pay-What-You-Can on the night.  Or you can book at 0121 236 4455.  Come and join the discussion – and have your say!