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Julia Wright

Julia Wright’s latest short play How Much?  was presented at Insatiable for BOLDtext, Birmingham Rep in January 2017, following Obligation (Sept 2016) as part of Disorder, and Lie of the Land in Eurotrashed, May 2016.

Julia co-wrote Calling for Help!  with Liz John, a madcap interactive and immersive comedy set in a call centre which toured in 2016 to excellent reviews.  Calling for Help! was produced by Next Page Productions and funded by Arts Council England.

The team’s previous stage comedy, Invisible, was directed by comedienne Janice Connolly and toured the Midlands in 2013.

Julia’s background is in Drama and Performing Arts education, heading several Drama departments and directing many youth productions, including several for the Shakespeare Schools Festival, and this experience has informed her work as a theatre writer in terms of taking a script from page to stage. At the Mockingbird Theatre, her play  Without Their Consent explored how the suffragette movement was persuaded to put their votes for women campaign on hold during WW1 and support government’s army recruitment instead.

Julia completed the MA in Playwriting Studies at the University of Birmingham, and is also a member of Big Script Writers.