What would you do with an extra day?

Well you’d better think fast because Leap day is nearly upon us! On February 29th, BOLDtext Playwrights take a leap of imagination to show what could happen on this extra day.  It could be a leap of faith or a leap into the unknown – or even a giant leap for mankind! What should youContinue reading “What would you do with an extra day?”

Cold Cuts

by Nicola Jones As a teenager living in a small, but perfectly formed, rural market town, I remember complaining to an American tourist that ‘you can’t live on beauty.’  She was on a whistle-stop tour of historic Britain and had been waxing lyrical about my lovely home town. And she was right to. There wasContinue reading “Cold Cuts”

Getting the band back together…

That’s how it felt as Liz and I joined Vanessa and Nicola for our first ever re-mounted show, ‘Selfies’ at Warwick Words.  Was this really a good idea?  Would there be an audience for us beyond Birmingham?  And where the heck was the light switch for the toilets so Liz could put her make-up on? 

Selfies @ Warwick Words 1st October 2015

Four dramatic monologues, read by ourselves, exposing our working practices and influences, as well as exploring how our individual backgrounds have shaped the writers we are today. In Search of The Unhappy Ending by Liz John Dark Matters by Nicola Jones Lowering My Voice by Helen Kelly The Other Me by Vanessa Oakes 8 pm Lord Leycester HospitalContinue reading “Selfies @ Warwick Words 1st October 2015”


Are you going away for the summer? Lucky you. Bold Text Playwrights have plans too… Find out what we got up to in the holidays at SUNSTROKE  8 pm on Monday 7th Sept 2015 at The REP Bold Text Playwrights return to The REP this autumn with tales of British tourists caught up in events beyond their control.Continue reading “WISH YOU WERE HERE?”


Monday June 29th, 8pm at The Birmingham Repertory Theatre Book your FREE tickets here or phone The REP box office on 0121 236 4455 How was it for you? Any regrets? Russell Brand may have changed his mind about voting, but a third of UK voters stayed at home. Wish you’d voted? Wish you’d voted differently? WishContinue reading “THE RUSSELL BRAND EFFECT: The Morning After”


by Helen Kelly What a joyful day.  It started with me heading out of the family home, leaving a naked child looking for his pants.  (It’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom when you step out into the sunshine knowing that getting your child to school is your partner’s problem).  A quick hop on theContinue reading “THE RUSSELL BRAND EFFECT – The Morning After”