All in the mind

Jigsaw puzzles often have lots of sky… and trees… and buildings with the same colour bricks. It becomes an exercise of concentration to notice a faint fleck on one piece that otherwise appears the same as twenty others. There’s a lesson in that, mind the detail. It’s all in the detail. Part of the attractionContinue reading “All in the mind”

Helen’s fiery cravings

It’s been so long since I’ve had a cigarette, I thought I’d never again stand around outside trying to light something in the cold, wind and rain. I was wrong. I’ve recently built a fire pit, for obvious Lockdown reasons. It’s great, just a square of bricks with a big terracotta tile at the base.Continue reading “Helen’s fiery cravings”

Walking through the hedge

With so many of my projects paused in 2020 my daily dog walks have increased in frequency and length, often requiring me to pack a pair of secateurs to cut through various overgrown public footpaths. One particularly dense Hawthorn hedge near Astley Lodge Farm brought to mind Andy Goldsworthy’s actions and words in his beautifulContinue reading “Walking through the hedge”


Stephen Jackson reveals how he’s been spending lockdown… If you can hear a strange creaking sound, I apologise. It’s me. I’m pivoting. Apparently that’s what you have to do in Lockdown – pivot – however much it hurts. Pivot if you want to survive. I’m pivoting from starving playwright to starving children’s illustrator. I’m tryingContinue reading “Mirrorworld.MONSTER”


Our own Helen Kelly, Liz John and Nicola Jones are currently researching online narrative structure and form for young audiences. Funded by ArtsConnect, our THRIVE project will allow us to identify and analyse the favourite short-form content viewed by 14-25 year-olds in our region on platforms such as TikTok and Youtube. We’ll be exploring anyContinue reading “THRIVE-ing”

BOLDtext heads to Soho House

On Friday 30th,  Saturday 31st July and Saturday 7th August 2021, BOLDtext Playwrights’ new site-specific & science-specific show, Power of Invention, will be performed at Soho House, the home of Birmingham’s Lunar Society. The show will explore the ground-breaking scientific advances inspired during the society’s full-moon meetings towards the end of the 18th century.   CentredContinue reading “BOLDtext heads to Soho House”

No Planet B

NO PLANET B at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, January 2020 I thought the world might be suffering from eco-fatigue  – and not turn out on a cold January night to see BOLDtext save the planet with 4 short plays. I was wrong. The theatre was packed and buzzing. Julia Wright’s Stepping Up opened the show. A well-meaning couple stageContinue reading “No Planet B”

No Planet B

A polar bear standing on a small block of ice has become a worldwide symbol of climate change and climate change arguments are on our screens every day.  So when BOLDtext were given a January 2020 date at Birmingham Rep, climate change seemed an obvious topic to choose. Then came the difficult bit.  Four BOLDtextContinue reading “No Planet B”

No Planet B

On MONDAY 20th JANUARY 8pm, BOLDtext return to The Door at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, with a brand new show about climate change. Global warming is a hot issue and it’s getting hotter.  Forests are burning, ice is melting, polar bears are drowning… No Planet B is a collection of brand new short plays from SayanContinue reading “No Planet B”