To stay or not to stay?

BOLDtext Playwrights took on the complicated issue of Brexit in our two-part show, Eurotrashed, at Birmingham Repertory Theatre last week, funded by Arts Council England. My fellow curator Helen Kelly and I insisted on the added excitement of some Post-Show Debates. “Let’s get people debating the issues,” I cried. “There might be a fight!” “We canContinue reading “To stay or not to stay?”


Rich, Jenny & Jade Day two of rehearsals and we’re back at The Crescent with four new plays by Stephen Jackson, Liz John, Sayan Kent and Vanessa Oakes. Amazingly yesterday’s team had left us a few of those M&S biscuits Helen mentioned in her earlier post… 


Rich, Jenny & Jade Descending into the bowels of the Crescent Theatre away from natural light on a sunny morning felt counter-intuitive.  But friendly front of house staff letting us leave our flyers among their packed display, and cheerfully ferrying us back and forth through security doors to the rehearsal room helped… 

What would you do with an extra day?

Well you’d better think fast because Leap day is nearly upon us! On February 29th, BOLDtext Playwrights take a leap of imagination to show what could happen on this extra day.  It could be a leap of faith or a leap into the unknown – or even a giant leap for mankind! What should youContinue reading “What would you do with an extra day?”

Verity Bargate Award 2015 Winner – Bold Text’s Stephen Jackson

We are SO PROUD of our Steve who has only gone and won the 2015 Verity Bargate Award for Roller Diner. Steve: I knew today was a special day when I woke up and I ironed myself a shirt. excerpt from Roller Diner @ The REP 28th April 2014 Once Steve gets back from ‘that’ LondonContinue reading “Verity Bargate Award 2015 Winner – Bold Text’s Stephen Jackson”