What would you do with an extra day?

Well you’d better think fast because Leap day is nearly upon us! On February 29th, BOLDtext Playwrights take a leap of imagination to show what could happen on this extra day.  It could be a leap of faith or a leap into the unknown – or even a giant leap for mankind! What should youContinue reading “What would you do with an extra day?”

Verity Bargate Award 2015 Winner – Bold Text’s Stephen Jackson

We are SO PROUD of our Steve who has only gone and won the 2015 Verity Bargate Award for Roller Diner. Steve: I knew today was a special day when I woke up and I ironed myself a shirt. excerpt from Roller Diner @ The REP 28th April 2014 Once Steve gets back from ‘that’ LondonContinue reading “Verity Bargate Award 2015 Winner – Bold Text’s Stephen Jackson”

Cold Cuts

by Nicola Jones As a teenager living in a small, but perfectly formed, rural market town, I remember complaining to an American tourist that ‘you can’t live on beauty.’  She was on a whistle-stop tour of historic Britain and had been waxing lyrical about my lovely home town. And she was right to. There wasContinue reading “Cold Cuts”

Getting the band back together…

That’s how it felt as Liz and I joined Vanessa and Nicola for our first ever re-mounted show, ‘Selfies’ at Warwick Words.  Was this really a good idea?  Would there be an audience for us beyond Birmingham?  And where the heck was the light switch for the toilets so Liz could put her make-up on? 

12 hours in Warwick

Coffee break @ Friends Meeting House After struggling through rush hour road works (!) and traffic chaos Nicola & Vanessa started the day off with our Write What You Know workshop which is where things immediately started to look up. Great, open, atmosphere to be able to express yourself in. Friendly open atmosphere. And prompting exercisesContinue reading “12 hours in Warwick”