Bolder, Better, Brilliant

We’ve come a long way since we started in 2014. Beginning in The DOOR at the Birmingham Rep, we’ve burst out onto the streets of Digbeth, into the garden of a mansion, and even taken over a jail. We figured it’s about time we wrote down what it is we do. Read our manifesto below.

We are BOLDtext Playwrights – a collective of eight professional writers working together to create compelling new theatre, and empowering fellow West Midlands artists along the way.

We write for live performance – interactive, immersive, promenade, topical, historical, theatre-based and site-specific. Inspired by where we live, we tell stories that reflect the changing world.

We listen to our audiences – engaging in pre-show chats, post-show debates, and conversations with our followers online.

We challenge each other – to be BOLDER, BETTER, BRILLIANT writers.

Eight writers, eight visions, one purpose – great theatre.

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