Small actions

My 12 days of Christmas have in recent years extended to 37 days as I keep my Christmas tree up until the end of January. This helps with the gloom of the first month and of course, it’s especially important this year to do whatever it takes to keep one’s spirits up.

I completely forgot about resolutions this New Year. Usually they involve a list of self-improvement measures which last a week or two at most, leaving me mostly unimproved.  However, I’m also a believer in a little bit at a time, small changes rather than grand gestures, maybe lifting the weights once a week rather than never, making sure I go out for walks rather than not, doing a little bit of housework rather than the whole house…

So what are the resolutions I would have made, had I bothered? Give up chocolate? I’ve done that already in preparation for the Easter binge. Get fit? (see comment on weights and walks). Have a tidy house? (Ditto above) Seems like I’m fulfilling my resolutions without even making any. Result!

Sayan Kent

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