Time to get the deckchairs out

New Year inevitably makes me think about some of the people I miss. This year my grandmother Ivy has been on my mind.

Born in 1905 in Newark (Nottinghamshire), Ivy lived through World War I with her beloved older brother Harold away in Germany on active service, World War II in Coventry where she remained with her young family throughout The Blitz, and countless other personal tragedies and triumphs in her 93 years.

Starting this New Year in yet another lockdown made me seek out the picture of us two sitting together on a deserted seafront in our Blackpool deckchairs as the sea gets choppy and the wind picks up.

You know what? I think it might almost be time to get the deckchairs out again, if you’re buying mine’s a Strawberry Mivvi.

Vanessa Oakes 2021.

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