Drowning in apples

Looking for an activity to put off getting down to writing? I’ve found a new diversion.  The apple tree in the garden offered the perfect excuse. First, it was so full of heavy apples after the sunny weather in April that the main branch split from the trunk, needing propping up. Then the apples had to be picked. Are they eaters? No they’re cooking apples, taking up more time to prepare and cook. Foodbanks can’t take the excess, as they’re perishable goods and there are many fruitless contacts with friends. Are they eating apples? No, cookers. Not interested.

So I am drowning in apples.  The freezer is full and I’m getting sick of apple pie, apple crumble, apple cobbler, apple chutney. And the ones left need storing. How’s the writing going? Too busy to write at the moment. Julia Wright

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