All work and no play

When the country was first locked down, I wondered what the big deal was. I’m a writer. I choose to spend every day shunning society, sitting alone in my house. Even when my regular work dried up, surely this was the opportunity every scribe dreams of, right? Now I’d have time to write my long-delayed magnum opus.

If only it were that easy…

The trouble is my house has become a school: not just for my five-year old, but for my English teacher wife as well. When one isn’t hogging the broadband conducting a lesson on Animal Farm, the other is bouncing around in front of me showing me how well she can write the word ‘sheep’ (I won’t tell you which is which).

I keep hearing how the pandemic has made people reassess their lives in favour of more time at home. Well, I got there first. The rest of you, go back to work! I need some time on my own. Tim Stimpson

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