Nicola’s off to Narnia

Sod this, I’m off to Narnia.

Every morning at breakfast my partner asks me if I’m intending to go to Narnia. Partners of writers are, of course, very used to their other half disappearing into some fantasy world of their own creation, and lockdown has been no exception. As life came to an abrupt halt, I decided to use this unexpected gift of time to concentrate on finishing my first novel. As a result, I’ve spent the past few months at the seaside. An imaginary version, of course. And I can highly recommend it. In fact, I would even go as far as to give it a whopping 5 stars on Tripadvisor. And, as ever, a big shout out to the local residents for being so welcoming and helping to keep me sane.

P.S. Mr Tumnus says ‘hi.’

Nicola Jones 2020.

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