Stephen Jackson reveals how he’s been spending lockdown…

If you can hear a strange creaking sound, I apologise. It’s me. I’m pivoting. Apparently that’s what you have to do in Lockdown – pivot – however much it hurts. Pivot if you want to survive.

I’m pivoting from starving playwright to starving children’s illustrator. I’m trying to sell signed copies of my kids’ optical illusion adventure book, Mirrorworld.  I needed a website but the quote I received sounded so astronomical I decided to build the site myself. Never again… but you can check out the result here: 


I’ve even joined Instagram and Pinterest, and now I’m building GIFs which show how Mirrorworld works:

It’s hard work this pivoting stuff. I’ve sustained myself by listening to podcasts about billionaires. With a bit of positive thinking, I now fully expect to be a billionaire by the time the lockdown ends.

If not, prepare for more creaking noises as I pivot back to starving playwright!

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