No Planet B

A polar bear standing on a small block of ice has become a worldwide symbol of climate change and climate change arguments are on our screens every day.  So when BOLDtext were given a January 2020 date at Birmingham Rep, climate change seemed an obvious topic to choose.

Then came the difficult bit.  Four BOLDtext writers  – Stephen Jackson, Nicola Jones, Sayan Kent and Julia Wright – got together to discuss what they were going to write about.  Can we say something new about climate change, can we make plays that don’t sound like preaching to the converted and is there room for any comedy in this serious crisis?  The answers were yes, yes and yes.  Four distinct styles, four different stories and four unique short plays have emerged to encourage and inform discussion.

Then we engaged the experienced Ali Belbin as director and three superb actors – Miriam Edwards, Rochi Rampal and Tyrone Huggins.  Their job is to take the four plays and produce an evening of script-in-hand performances which communicate different characters and different themes with only one day’s rehearsal. No problem for talent like this.

The evening will end with a panel discussion featuring climate change experts and the writers.  The variety of themes in the plays should stimulate lively discussions.  Tickets are already running out so it should be a full house.  Can’t wait!  Book your tickets for this exciting new BOLDtext event on  Monday 20 January 8pm in The Door, via the REP box office on 0121 236 4455 or this LINK.

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