BOLDtext break free with Lock-Up show

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This autumn we’re taking a brief hiatus from doing shows at the brilliant Birmingham Rep to tell the story of the city’s old Victorian Lock-Up. Since 1892, tens of thousands of people have passed through the jail on their way to court, prison or even the noose. What brought them to this desperate point in their lives? And what memories have they left behind?

BOLDtext’s writers will resurrect the ghosts of The Lock-Up’s past, summoning them back to the cells, stairways and corridors where they once walked. As you move around the building you’ll meet robbers and drunkards, prostitutes and murderers, as well as the policemen and pioneering policewomen who held the keys.

Beware! The past still has lessons to teach us. Those who dare to enter The Lock-Up get taught those lessons well.

You can buy tickets at

Duration approximately 1 hour. Not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Please be advised the Lock-Up is an old building and is not equipped with modern disabled facilities. Flat shoes are advised.

Presented in association with the West Midlands Police Museum.

Supported by Arts Council England and the Sir Barry Jackson Trust.


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