A great day for drying the washing…


and for a read through of our first drafts…

DISORDER – Staged readings of 4 exciting new short plays at The REP 8 pm on Monday 26th September

What happens when things in your head aren’t what they’re supposed to be? Or what if they are and it’s everyone else who has the problem?

This autumn BOLDtext Playwrights Stephen Jackson, Vanessa Oakes, Julia Wright and Sayan Kent return to Open Door at The REP on 26th September and focus the dramatic microscope on mental health.

‘14 Across’ by Stephen Jackson
A hoarder’s house is stacked to the rafters – but what lies beneath it all?

‘Mademoiselle F’ by Vanessa Oakes
Mademoiselle F can’t stop thinking about polar bears:
“sometimes to control my thoughts  i stand on one leg… i find holding onto a chair i can stand on one leg for hours… it is exhausting… “

‘Obligation’ by Julia Wright
Ellie reluctantly visits her dad in hospital. She’s not in a forgiving mood but decides to give it a go.

‘Reflection Perfection’ by Sayan Kent
So you fall in love, feels good. In the pool of love. Deeper and deeper until it drowns you.

Tickets are FREE to book and then PAY WHAT YOU CAN on the night (most people think it’s worth at least a fiver!). Tickets should be booked in advance and are available NOW via http://www.birmingham-rep.co.uk/event/open-door-autumn-2016/ or call the box office 0121 236 4455



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