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Rich, Jenny & Jade

Day two of rehearsals and we’re back at The Crescent with four new plays by Stephen Jackson, Liz John, Sayan Kent and Vanessa Oakes. Amazingly yesterday’s team had left us a few of those M&S biscuits Helen mentioned in her earlier post… 

We had a great day workshopping the scripts in-between discussing the idea of keeping dead foxes in the freezer (Crescent wardrobe donations), examining an inflatable dinghy (produced from Liz’s surprisingly small shopping bag) and waxing lyrical on the merits of the word lagging.

We also added some more voices to the soundscape our wonderful sound artist Duncan Grimley is creating for us. Well, we hope we did – Liz was operating the equipment yesterday and didn’t know how to check if it had actually recorded. Wisely Duncan had kindly sent Liz a short video link showing her how to turn the equipment on so fingers crossed…

See you all @ The REP on the 4th May!


PS there’s nothing stopping you coming to both nights you know (4 different shows on each night).

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