Rich, Jenny & Jade

Descending into the bowels of the Crescent Theatre away from natural light on a sunny morning felt counter-intuitive.  But friendly front of house staff letting us leave our flyers among their packed display, and cheerfully ferrying us back and forth through security doors to the rehearsal room helped… 

Our only real problem was finding out how to turn the basement kitchen light on.  Luckily there was a Crescent show rehearsing in the studio.  Their lighting technician came down from the box and switched it on for us … talk about over-qualified… (fyi the switch was round the corner and up the stairs).

Once we could see to get our tea and M&S biscuits (yes, M&S biscuits – we got Arts Council Funding for this one) we began to discover the many surprises that the second drafts had produced:  the staging of a natural disaster here, a world of architectural perfectionist paranoia there…

Our excellent director and cast (Bob Eaton, Jade Samuels, Jenny Stokes and Rich Stokes) managed to find the haunting, the sinister, and the hilarious in these four startlingly diverse fifteen minute plays about the EU referendum.

By the end of the day, we emerged into the light in more ways than one.
It’s going to be a great couple of nights.  Come.

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