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8 short plays over 2 nights at The REP


It’s being called ‘a once in a generation decision.’ Feeling up to it? Understand all the issues? Are we better together – or better off out of it? Confused? We’ll help you make up your mind!

BOLDtext Playwrights return to Open Door at The REP on May 3rd and 4th with two nights of new writing inspired by some of the hottest issues at the heart of the EU debate. 

EUROTRASHED! NIGHT ONE: Tuesday May 3rd at 8pm

‘Borderlines’ by Nicola Jones

Refugees from the former United Kingdom set up camp in no man’s land between England and a newly devolved Wales, unsure which country they belong to and denied access to both.

 ‘Windows’ by Helen Kelly

Right wing Sam and left wing Shay are two high-rise window cleaners who hate each other’s guts. They have nothing in common … except they are both voting the same way in the EU referendum.

‘The Nutter’s House’ by Tim Stimpson

In 1952 architect Le Corbusier completed his Unite d’habitation development in Marseilles. Conceived as a city within a building, it proposed new ways for us to live together. Almost 65 years later, was it really such a mad idea?

‘Lie of the Land’ by Julia Wright

After Britain’s exit from the EU, Suzy has been forced to return to England after selling her home and business in Spain. But all is not well. Maybe Prime Minister Boris will sort everything out?

EUROTRASHED! NIGHT TWO: Wednesday May 4th at 8pm

‘Flagship’ by Stephen Jackson

Two illegal immigrants are rowing towards Britain when they pick up an English cross-channel swimmer who has been refused entry into France and is swimming back home.

‘Cogs & Co’ by Liz John

Despite the global downturn, family business Cogs & Co is thriving –  ok, it’s just about hanging in there – but young Jemma is about to throw a spanner in the works.

‘Illusions of Democracy’ by Sayan Kent 

It’s 5th June 1975 and today Britain is going to the polls to decide whether to stay in or leave the EEC. Snow has fallen three days earlier in Birmingham and ‘Stand by your Man’ is number one in the charts.

‘Glastonbury’ by Vanessa Oakes

Two points of view collide on the road to Glastonbury 2016. Kate has her ticket, her tent and her proxy vote organised. Matty is, well… winging it.

Tickets are FREE to book and then PAY WHAT YOU CAN on the night (most people think it’s worth at least a fiver!). Tickets should be booked in advance and are available NOW via or call the box office 0121 236 4455

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