12 hours in Warwick


Coffee break @ Friends Meeting House

After struggling through rush hour road works (!) and traffic chaos Nicola & Vanessa started the day off with our Write What You Know workshop which is where things immediately started to look up.

Great, open, atmosphere to be able to express yourself in.

Friendly open atmosphere. And prompting exercises that get your mind flowing.

I found it really helpful, thought-provoking, and opened me up to possibilities.


Nicola @ The Brethrens Kitchen @ Lord Leycester Hospital 

 This was followed by a lovely lunch at The Brethrens Kitchen as guests of the festival. We thought we spotted author Tim Clayton (Waterloo) over Nicola’s shoulder as we enjoyed the food, the sunshine and the view.


Our lunchtime view

We did consider a spot of shopping (we had a look in Myton Hospice’s charity shop window) to fill the time until our evening show but neither of us are really that interested in shopping. So, we decided to ‘rest’ and conserve our energies; we ‘rested’ on the sofa at The Rose & Crown, then we ‘rested’ in the Thomas Oken Tea Rooms, before finally ‘resting’/catching up with the irrepressible force that is Stella Carr at her beautiful garden plot in Hill Close Gardens.


Vanessa & Stella catch up

We then wended our way (slowly) over to meet Liz and Helen who we found loitering (‘locked out’) at Lord Leycester Hospital (below)…


Nicola, Liz & Helen 


A quick walk through

As 8 pm approached we soon realised that we hadn’t put enough chairs out. We were genuinely bowled over by the response of the packed audience. Thank you to everyone who took part in our morning workshop and to everyone who listened to our Selfies; to Edward at Friends Meeting House for sorting the tables (and the temperature), to Gerald at Lord Leycester for letting us in (brave man), to Stella for her gift of dahlias, and to Helen for booking us (inspirational programming if we do say so). Hope we can come back soon Warwick – we had a blast!

Great monologues, real insight. The collective is a liberating idea!

Thank you for all those ideas – my head is full up now!

Thank you for a fabulous evening.


PS Apologies to the bar staff in Merchants but Stella usually does get her way (honest).

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